Island Hvar

Change your plans and visit Island Hvar Croatia :)

Visit  Hvar Island Croatia

The island of Hvar has been famous since the antique because of its important strategic and nautical position. With its 2718 of sunny hours per year, Hvar is the most sunny island in Croatia.

Theese days, the worldwide celebrities are coming here to see what is it about, to explore Pakleni Islands and enjoy nightlife in a popular night bars. We invite to explore the beauty of this island and its rich cultural heritage.

Find out what is like to live in harmony with nature, find UNESCO protected fields of lavender, ancient olive trees. Taste some real home-made wine and get to know local men who will sing the old island songs.

Hvar Island can offer you unique gastronomy, beautiful beaches, crystal blue sea and the warm hospitality of the local people. All of this guarantees that you will always remember Island Hvar.


The city of Hvar  has been center for trade and culture in Adriatic throughout history. Hvar achieved its glory and power in the Middle Ages as an important Venetian port. It represents a connection between a rich cultural and historical heritage, untouched nature and luxurious tourism.

Thanks to its position, Hvar is also attractive to yachtsmen. Today, the city has a variety of hotels, galleries, museums, and monuments such as Hvar Cathedral, theater, Armoury, town Loggia , and 700 year-old town walls with fortifications. The port of Hvar, set in a picturesque natural bay, with the Pakleni Island chain protecting it to the south, is a safe heaven for boats and yacht.



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